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Experimenting in the lab

Beats, Baseball and… Cats? - Big Juice & Bumps INF in studio

A little video peek at my process. Don’t do production videos ever, but I felt like it tonight for some reason. Apologize for the horrible EVO quality…smh. Next one I do, I’ll have a high quality camera for sure.

True Story

—Rock City Ft. Bumps Inf (Poduced By Soundbreaker Musik)

True Story (@Blue_216) - “Rock City feat. Bumps INF (@BumpsINF)” produced by Big Juice (@BigJuice216)

"Tradition of losing, victory’s illusions

Live in shadows of the past, still haunt us like they new ones.

Even those from here don’t wanna be here, got a witness in King James

We got a reverence for a king concept but wrong name

Understanding of a James objective, but wrong James…”

If you haven’t yet, check out my mans True Story’s debut project, “Building Blocks” here: http://www.pardonthemovement.com/post/18424294171/true-story-building-blocks

One of my earlier beats and one of my all time favorites. 

And I couldn’t sell this joint for even a dollar! No one wanted it… So I decided to remix it to Nicole Scherzinger’s “Whatever U Like ft. T.I.”

Here’s a little snippet of that!

Thi’sl “Hold On ft. Fitzgerald” Official Music Video (Produced by Alex ‘Juice’ Hitchens) // One of my favorite cuts I’ve had the privilege of working on. Spread and share!

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Ride to chuuch music this morning. Was fortunate to produce “Faith Walk” off this great project, but “Dreamslave” is easily my favorite cut thus far. Christon Gray got next…

Ride to chuuch music this morning. Was fortunate to produce “Faith Walk” off this great project, but “Dreamslave” is easily my favorite cut thus far. Christon Gray got next…

My dad, my prayer life, and my God.

  • This is a bit of a break from my normal types of blog posts, but it’s been heavy on my heart and I felt it was important to share.

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

One of the major things I struggled with early on in my walk with God was my prayer life. I had trouble maintaining a consistent commitment to it and when I did take the time to pray, I struggled very badly with my confidence. Even to this day, it’s something I have to fight to stay on top of. I worry about my articulation, honesty/transparency (yes, even to an all-knowing Creator), and vulnerability. But as I’ve gotten older, I have begun to see connections between my prayer life, my earthly Dad and my heavenly DAD.

Now my pops is a fantastic man. He’s been in my life for all 26 years I’ve been walking this earth. Whenever I needed anything, he’d be there to provide it…sometimes without me even having to ask. I consider myself beyond fortunate, because many of my friends and peers didn’t have their father’s there every day, occasionally or ever. But what I discovered lately is that although my dad had been there and accessible, my communication with him hadn’t been as strong as I would’ve liked. For me it’d be uncomfortable to just strike up a random conversation about life. Now sports, we can talk about all day long until the sun goes down. But as far as how I’m dealing with money, women, my spiritual life, etc… it’d always be awkward. So awkward, I couldn’t count on one hand how many times we talked up those topics. I wouldn’t know what to say, how to maintain the conversation and how to close it. In ‘03, I went off to college and I really only spoke with him when I needed something for school or when he called me (sound familiar?)

I’ve been a believer since I was 12 years old, but in my youth I never truly learned how to pray. And without a prayer life, I was lost. Lost all they way through high school, into college and out of it. Not until around my early twenties did the significance of prayer really become evident to me. That happened when I returned home from college and re-plugged myself back into local community. But what I learned is that my inability to speak comfortably and confidently to my earthly father mirrored my communication with my heavenly Father. The same reasons why I couldn’t kick back and chat casually with my pops about real life were reasons why I found it super difficult to talk to God about real life.

Now I was great at “script” prayers, you know, insert bible verse here, ask for wisdom, ask to become like Him, etc… But God began to convict me on that. They were merely “for show” prayers. Prayers to sound theologically intelligent so that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb in fellowship. But man, did it start to sound dumb when I tried it alone at home. It was then I began to realize I didn’t genuinely know how decrease myself, assume a posture of humility and pray boldly. My prayers had been so influenced and dressed up by the need to sound good, the core was unrecognizable. In my efforts to be something I wasn’t, I didn’t even know what I was anymore. And going back to my pops, so much of my communication with him was pre-thought and even delivered in a way to cover my faults and look good. Humility and transparency was sorely lacking. I’m convinced that the similarities between the two lines of communication were not a coincidence. 1 John 5;14 speaks about a confidence we should have when approaching God. I needed that in both circumstances.

So the past year, God really has worked on my mind-frame as it relates to prayer. I actually had to pray about praying! I’m learning just to put it out there by any means necessary. Whether I cry to him (Psalm 88), sing to him (Psalm 96) or just speak quietly in my heart (Psalm 139).  What it’s also created within me is a desire to teach my children (If I have any someday) how to talk freely to me. I believe the way a father teaches his children to interact with him will directly affect how they interact with God. This is NO indictment of my father, I’m blessed beyond measure that he’s always been there for me and covered me. But the overall journey and evolution of my prayer life has opened my eyes to the importance of the TWO father figures and how they are directly related.

Who knows, I may be the only one out hear who’s wrestled with this. But if not, I hope that I can be an encouragement. Don’t let the broken or fragile communication with your earthly father prevent you from having a VITAL line of communication with your heavenly father. Don’t let the absence, physically or emotionally, of your earthly father affect your need to nurture and grow the relationship with your heavenly father. This walk is challenging enough… To try it without prayer, might suck the life out of you. Embrace a posture of humility, the Lord can see right through our dressed up words and phrases.

  1. Pray alone (Mark 1:35)
  2. Just be straight with Him (Mark 1:40-41)
  3. Pray based on knowledge and truth. Read the Word! (John 4:24)
  4. Persistence (Luke 18)
  5. PRAY OFTEN! (Luke 5:16)

Lastly, pray for fathers. 

God Bless


Man, this used to be the TRUTH! Could play it for hours.. // nba live 2005 slam dunk contest

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Sneak peek at a new cut I worked on today. “Homeland”